nh slurry pump rubber cover plate liner

  • 10Centrifugal pump shaped by punching and welding and its mfg (19) and the flexible polyurethane rubber elastic plate forming a centrifugal pump and its liner, cover five center through the shaft 21 Inquire Now
  • 11Procedure and chamber filter press for dewatering slurries pump reducing the volume of the slurry chamber (6) is in the form of a rubber cover (26) wherein a plate (45) having upwardopening filtrate Inquire Now
  • 6Elastomeric pump casing sealcompression of the rubber to effect a leakfree slurry pump containing one embodiment of the plate 1 attached to the side liner 3 and the Inquire Now
  • 9SLURRY CARRYING VESSELslurry makeup station 35 and a pump station In addition, the numeral 63 designates a rubber cover plate to close the inlet portion of said Inquire Now
  • 12Slurry pump16, 1969 rubber disc seal to form the rotary The pump 10 has a base plate 11 formed and disposed to cover and seal Said access portInquire Now
  • 7Slurry pump pressure reducing coverA slurry pump pressure reducing cover comprises a pressure reducing cover cover body and a rear protective plate, and a sealing ring is embedded Inquire Now