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  • 11Antimony Dimercaptosuccinate (TWSb) in the Antimony Dimercaptosuccinate (TWSb) in the Treatment of Schistosomiasisadjacent countries in the Middle East and from Morocco all those with S Inquire Now
  • 13Chronic leishmaniasis in Morocco Remove from marked Records Chronic leishmaniasis in Morocco Back Abstract ascribed to Leishmania only because they responded to treatment with antimonyInquire Now
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  • 9Selenium, tellurium, arsenic and antimony contents of primary layer from the Beni Bousera ultramafic complex of northern Morocco Geochim (1972): Ore Petrology McGrawHill, New York, N Y SUN, SHENSU ( Inquire Now
  • 7Antimony and Arsenic Isotope Distribution in a (2010) Spatial distribution of antimony and arsenic levels in Manadas Creek on the quality of water and soil in the high Moulouya Valley (Morocco) Inquire Now
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  • 12 one speak of Occupational Parasitic Diseases in Morocco ?Ankylostomiasis is, in Morocco, the only parasitic disease that is clearly related to the work of the people infected It is not a generalized disease Inquire Now